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About us

A Long History Of Satisfied Clients

For 12 years we have got to know Brussels and Belgium already. That is a long time.

12 years ago Brussels wasn't as developed as it is today. The property market wasn't what it is today either and we looked at property for rental and for sale and the websites offering this service were in fact appalling at the service level.

The service level was bad and the quality of housing really wasn't great. On top of that you could not always trust the sellers and the people renting out apartments and to this day you can not trust everyone in the property market.

This we felt was a shame and we wanted to change this. Why not be honest to clients? Who not deliver what you promise? Why not have a clear website?

We at myIMMO.me thought about this. Why not offer services to clients that did not exist in Belgium? Why not go the extra mile to make our customers happy?

We decided to do something about this and that is how myIMMO.me was formed. Our goal is and always has been a happy customer!

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